What Next If Someone Skips Court After Contacting A Bail Bonds Agency?

Court proceedings can be lengthy and prolonged, and you could sit in jail for months only to be proven innocent after the ruling. If the courts have agreed to grant you bail and you cannot afford it, you can get help from a licensed bail bonds agency. They can post bail on your behalf and grant you freedom until your next hearing. But what happens if you or someone you bailed out skips court?

Court Actions 

  • The court will send a formal notice to the agency notifying them their client failed to appear, on what date, and if they will forfeit some percentage of the bond.
  • The court may give the bail bond agency days to locate the defendant and present them in court. If they find the defendant, the defendant will have to pay a fine, and the court can reinstate their bail.

When The Defendant Doesn't Show But Later Surrenders

If the defendant skips court and later surrenders, the court can order bail forfeited, vacate the forfeiture, and reinstate bail. However, the defendant must offer a compelling explanation for missing their court date. If the reasons sound sensible to the court, bail can be reinstated.

Some suitable reasons include death, insanity, an illness that results in bed rest, and other reasons which prove the defendant was willing but unable to attend the court proceeding. Besides the scenarios explained above, sometimes the court could issue a bench warrant for apprehension, which will be treated as a separate offense from the original charge and attract a different penalty.

What Bail Bonds Agency Do To Prevent Defendants From Missing Court Dates

After posting a bond for the defendant, licensed bail bond agencies are tasked with ensuring the defendant shows up. A common way is to frequently communicate with the defendant, checking their whereabouts, and letting them know the court dates.

Most agencies have a regular check-in schedule with their clients. It can be a physical check-in, contacting the agency by phone, or submitting drug tests. Failure to comply or appear in court could force the agency to revoke the bond and resend you to jail.

Get Your Freedom 

Despite what you have been accused of, the law is clear: everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Don't let access to funds deny you your freedom. If the court has set bail, you can contact a licensed bail bonds agency to pay the bail for you or someone you care about. Remember to follow their rules and appear in court to retain your freedom until your ruling.

For more information, reach out to bail bond services near you.

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