Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration Bonds

Many non-citizens in custody don't know they can be released on bond. However, the bond that applies to immigrants is different from the local bail bond for U.S. citizens. If you are an immigrant who wants to post bail, here is some basic information you should bear in mind.

What Is an Immigration Bond?

When an immigrant is imprisoned, they may be released after paying a specific amount of money set by the judge. The bond amount is set based on the defendant's risk of failing to attend their court hearing and also their risk to the public.

The bond is a surety that the immigrant will attend all court hearings and abide by other conditions of their release. If the immigrant misses a hearing, they may get a deportation order and cannot provide evidence or remain in the U.S. Also, the defendant will lose their bond money. 

When Is a Defendant Eligible for Bond?

Some immigrants aren't awarded bonds. Your lawyer will advise you on certain factors that determine your eligibility for a bond. In many cases, a person is denied bail if they are under mandatory detention.

To be eligible for an immigration bond, a detainee shouldn't have committed a serious crime. Additionally, they must not be an arriving alien or someone who has applied for admission into the country.

How to Request for a Bond Hearing

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may issue paperwork indicating a certain bond amount. Sometimes the paperwork shows that no bond will be allowed for the detainee. A detainee can request the judge for a bond hearing to set a bond or lower the bond amount indicated by the ICE.

One of the ways the detainee can get a bond hearing is by requesting the judge. It's essential to remember that bond hearings are separate from deportation hearings. Alternatively, the defendant can write a bond hearing request letter addressed to the judge. Make sure to provide accurate information in the request letter, including your name and the reasons for your arrest.

In Closing

A licensed bond dealer may be your only hope if you are facing deportation. The last thing you want is to move from the land of opportunity to back home without putting up a fight. As an immigrant, you can post bail and gather evidence to fight deportation charges. Make sure you choose a bail bond service that deals with immigration bonds. When choosing a bond dealer, consider their reputation, terms and conditions of service, and rates. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a bail bonds service near you.

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