How to Afford a Bail Bond Agent

Getting out of jail costs money unless you are willing to wait for the court to release you. If you wait for the court, though, it might take weeks or months. In some cases, it can even take years. Therefore, if you want to get out of jail now, you might be able to achieve this goal by hiring a bail bond agent. When doing this, you will need to pay the fees for the services. If you are not sure if you can afford it, here are several things to know.

Find Out How Bail Bond Agents Charge for Their Services

After your arrest, you can ask the jail if you have a cash bond. If they tell you that you do not, you will not be able to get out right now. If you do, ask about the cost. They will tell you the amount needed for the cash bond. If you can pay this amount, you will not need a bail bond agent. Unfortunately, cash bonds are not always cheap. They can be as low as $300 in some cases, but they can be much more than this.

People turn to bail bond agents because they offer services that provide a way out of jail for less. A bail bond agent will not make you pay the full cash bond price. If they did, you would not need a bail bond agent. Instead, they make you pay a fee, which they base on a percentage of the cash bond. The fee ranges from 10% to 15%. Therefore, if your cash bond is $2,000, the fee might be $200 to $300.

Options for Paying the Fee

Paying $200 to $300 is not much compared to $2,000. If you have this amount on hand, you can use it to pay the fee. The good news is that you can also use collateral to pay the fee. If you use collateral, you might need enough to cover the entire cash bond, though. Instead of offering an asset that is worth $300, you might need one that is worth $2,000. You can offer jewelry as collateral. You can also offer firearms, computers, and other electronics. If you have a car title, you can provide that to the bail bond agent as your collateral.

Using a bail bond agent provides a way out of jail without spending thousands of dollars. If you need help, call one today.

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